Access Technologies partnered with General Electric Microwave Data Systems® (GE MDS) in 2002 to provide our customers with the most long-range, secure, and rugged Wireless products available. GE MDS is the word's leading single-source, end-to-end Wireless solution provider. GE MDS solutions implement future-proof Wireless technologies that provide our customers with infrastructure savings, exceptional reliability, and the longest in-service life. Turn to Access Technologies for industrial strength Wireless solutions that keep your company connected.

Access Technologies provides complete Wireless network engineering services for projects of all sizes, including:

  • Site surveys
  • Wireless network service
  • Wireless network equipment installation and maintenance
  • Path analysis and propagation studies
  • Large-scale wireless network deployment
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics plus 24/7 end user support through NED- our exclusive managed services.

Access Technologies provides GE MDS Wireless Products:

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High Speed, Long Range Industrial Wireless IP/Ethernet Transceiver


Long Range IP/Ethernet & Serial

Industrial WiMAX Networking LAN Extension/ Mobile and Fixed Long Range


Long Range, High Speed Serial Communications

Extended Range IP/Ethernet and Serial Networking

Analog and Digital I/O

Narrowband Connectivity

Full Duplex Master Stations

Licensed & Unlicensed Backhaul

Scalable Long Range Licensed Piont-to-Point Solutions

Distributed Generation Trip Control


Ethernet Switches:

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